Catline fishing products: Including Camo Catline and Nat Catline - twines and ropes for HUNTING, FISHING, RECREATIONAL and COMMERICAL applications.

Catline fishing products are manufactured with the same integrity and standards of excellence established by the commercial fishing industry. These products are highly durable and great for fishing, hunting and other outdoor recreational uses.

Camo Catline™ and Nat Catline™ are manufactured from premium polyester fibers and are braided to provide the ultimate line for setline fishing or for the rod and reel enthusiast. Nat Catline provides an economic incentive for uses not requiring concealment while Camo Catline blends in with natural surroundings. These "sinking lines" are environmentally safe and contain no lead. They have superior knot holding ability, are abrasion, chemical and UV resistant and have superior wet strength when compared to standard nylon counterparts.

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Catline Fishing Products
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